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Monitor schools & districts with better analytics

Analyse student performance, teacher performance, completion of assignments & lessons. Download reports, take accurate & right decisions

Learning is fun & informative

Complete assignments, view grades obtained, learn where you should improve. View your complete academic timeline beginning from the day you joined school

Collaborate & Plan lessons with ease

Less is MORE!, Participate in lesson plans, visualize your mind, define goals & learning objectives. Conceptualize new teaching strategies, and evolve your learner's strengths


The best educational tool you want to have in your classroom

We dont disrupt education; we make the educators' job EASY It is anchored by good tutelage, training and research with peer-to-peer communication, sharing between learners and teachers to constitute a collaborative learning experience.

Manage multiple school

While having multiple schools, is an effective way to expand an enterprise, with it comes its own challenges like faculty retention, academic performances. We help you by having access to timely & accurate information, so that you take the right decision effectively.

Develop & manage a centralized curriculum

Focus on the education part of the teaching and not the preparation. We help you build a consistent set of objectives which provide insights on knowledge retention by your learners.

Easy user management, decide what your people can do

We provide you with the flexibility to identify and control the actions of the user. This includes, but is not limited to the creation of new roles, permission sets, enroll learners to a class, faculty allocation to subjects.

Mind map what you want to teach

Visualize what you need to teach, plan the course of curriculum for each subject by defining learning objectives & suitable teaching methodologies Invite other teachers to participate and assist you in building effective lesson plans

Monitor learner's knowledge retention

Create new tasks for different areas of learning, have specific rubrics to be completed for each task. Evaluate task by awarding grades, marks or engage a task without evaluation to test your students' knowledge mettle.

Evaluate & analyse learner's performance

Manage student performance by gaining valuable insights from grade shares, task completion for each areas of learning, and by performance for a specific tool used. View, download,publish termwise academic reports, Send timely alerts to teachers to complete gradebook entries for easy management of student academic dossiers.

The Academic Timeline

Understand academic performance better by viewing artifacts arranged in a chronological order, from the day you started school. Access teacher comments, grade shares, attendance & task completion statistics which help you to visualize milestones with change in time.

Submit Tasks, Share resources & ideas

Complete assignments for the assessment criteria defined by your teachers, view grades obtained for each assessment completion.Learn where you should improve, share resources & particiapate in discussions on each activity to be performed on a task.

Discover your child's learning strengths

Get a complete picture of your child's learning. View assessments with a focus on the ability to learn & acquire different skills, related to subject areas. Stay connected to what your children are doing & learning in the classroom. Monitor the changes taking place in your child's learning, behaviour and progress over a period of time.

The Team

The best educational tool you want to have in your classroom

Inside Educubelearn, there is a perspective which lifts your mood and opens up your heart and mind to endless possibilities of learning, sharing between. Here are the people who make it happen


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